In the name of Jesus, I boldly confess that I am your child and the righteousness of God. If there is anything between you & me, cover it with your blood. I thank you for giving me this dream and vision for my business. I thank you for blessing my hands so that everything I touch multiplies and produces fruit. 

I plead the blood over my business. I thank you for sending me opportunities, people, and customers that will elevate my business. I thank you for giving me ideas, creative plans, and inventions that will expand my territory. I thank you for granting me influence so that I may help promote God’s love in the marketplace and in arenas that need to see what true love looks like. I thank you for giving me favor with banks, merchants, suppliers, and other influencers. 

I come against every attack and plan that the enemy has set forth for my business. They will not prosper! I bind up every thought in my mind that is filled with doubt and fear. I thank you for guiding me in all of my endeavors. I thank you Holy Spirit for being the voice in my head that guides me in all truth and revelation. I humble myself to be a willing and obedient vessel. Help me to help someone else today. I thank You that You are expanding my territory not just for financial growth but also to help glorify Your name on the earth! 

Help me to remove all stumbling blocks and conversations that would hinder my purpose and the plans that You have for my life. I thank you for my angels that are encamped around me. I thank you that you have angels that are protecting my business and everything connected to it. Help me to guard my mind and my faith. I boldly confess that my faith is growing each and every day. I boldly confess that I am growing each and every day as a business owner and as a child of God. I boldly confess that I’m blessed coming in and I’m blessed going out. I boldly confess that my family is blessed. I thank you for protecting my family and my loved ones. I boldly confess that no matter what things may look like, I’m not going by what I see but by what God has declared to be so. 

So I declare that my business is blessed. I declare that I am focused and that I have clarity in my business and in my endeavors. I declare the that blessing of the Lord makes me fruitful in all things. I declare that this will be a good day not because of what may happen but because of my obedience to God and the fact that I have expectancy in my heart that my business will flourish. I thank You, God, for all of these things. 

In Jesus Name, Amen.