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Genesis Dorsey believes that her gifts and talents are not meant to be kept to just a few.

She desires to share knowledge and insight to all who desire to listen. She is a well-sought after teacher and speaker.

She is based in Bear,Delaware but is open to travel nationwide and worldwide!


Have a specific topic you desire or theme for Genesis Dorsey to speak on? Provide the topic via the booking form.


led to lead

What is the important of leadership in the workplace? What is the biblical definition of work? How can we infuse our faith into the marketplace? Discover the purpose of biblically-based leadership and entrepreneurship in today’s world as Genesis weaves together a lesson on kingdom leadership.

faith it until you make it 

What are you believing God for? What is faith? Join Genesis as she dives into a passionate teaching about how to walk by faith and not by sight. Change how you think and dream from this one teaching! Discover how to turn your dreams into reality by walking according to what God promised you. This energetic and power-packed teaching will have you ready to walk by faith and neglect what the enemy has thrown your way. You will leave a changed person who is filled with faith and not with fear.




Based on a previous teaching series. Many singles struggle with actually being single. According to Paul, being single is a blessing because you can devote your 100% energy and focus to the calling of God on your life. Genesis teaches other singles how to focus on their calling and purpose. She shares her own personal struggles that she had to overcome and realizing that she was dating for her own will and not God’s. God is the ultimate matchmaker and when we allow Him to guide our steps, we don’t have to date millions of people until we bump into the right one. You can save your money, time, and energy and focus on God’s divine purpose.


Based on a study written by Genesis, this teaching is for mothers and wives who are fighting for their families.  Learn how to fight in the form of prayer, confession, and steps of action. Mothers and wives will leave refreshed, encouraged, and empowered during this teaching based out of the Old Testament.




Based on her latest book, discover how faith isn’t a fairytale! So many women grew up listening to the story of Cinderella as just a children’s story. Through this teaching by Genesis Dorsey, every woman of any age will leave empowered to get through life with God. This message is catered to those who find themselves in tough situations that they did not ask for. This is for women who are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel and need a message to snap them back into a faith-mindset steeped in God.