Genesis Dorsey is available for: Speaking, Panel Moderation, Event Hosting, Workshops/Trainings, and Podcast Interviews. Please note that these events can be in-person or virtual.

Genesis Dorsey is passionate about educating people in two areas – life and business. You were created to win but you need winning strategies and principles. Read the speaker kit to learn about Genesis’ speaking topics, workshops, and boot camps that you can bring to your next event, conference, summit, ect.

These speaking experiences by Genesis Dorsey will transform how you influence and impact those around you in both life and business and/or ministry.

We have powerful keynotes that have been used to take teams and/or audiences to the next level. If there is a specific topic that you desire to have Genesis speak on that is not seen below, reach out to us and we can craft an experience for you.

Led to Lead

So many people have lost their joy or have come to a place of pure exhaustion in their assignment. What happens when you feel that your assignment in life has become a burden? What do you do when the stress and anxiety from leading has left you without joy? In this refreshing teaching, discover how to lead your team, volunteers, staff, and business with joy. Learn the myths about purpose that society & many people have created that has held many in anxiety and fear. Walk away with applicable leadership lessons and strategies that will help you continue to influence others with impact!

Creative Cash

Many creatives struggle financially when launching their business. Why? Well for most, they are taught to start from “the bottom” scrounging for pennies. The starving artist has been the tagline for many creatives and we have had enough. In this keynote, Genesis will unravel the myths behind launching a successful creative service-based business. She will show creatives how to position their business for Six Figure Success using her P3 Business Strategy that has helped many creatives across the world find their second wind and win! This teaching is the perfect solution for graphic + web designers, photographers, beauty artists, and more. The starving artist is no more. It’s time to soar.

Platform You

What is a platform? A platform is something that you stand on. Many have businesses, ministries, or organizations. Few have platforms. A platform represents a movement driven to impact change in the world, good or bad. In this keynote, Genesis Dorsey lays out the foundation of how to mix transformational leadership with community building. From this foundation, the audience will learn how to get people to listen to what they have to say and in turn, impact them through their services, products, and message. This experience is purposed for leaders in business and/or ministry.

A Teacher at Heart

When Genesis speaks, her delivery is in the form of teaching. Your audience will be able to follow along with clear points and will be a joy for those who love to take notes! 

An Expert with a Proven Track Record

Genesis doesn’t speak from what she has heard others say. She speaks from experience and knowledge gained in her behind-the-scenes work with various business owners, ministries, and as an entrepreneur herself both personally and within a family business. 

Versatile for All Ages & Backgrounds

Genesis has been booked to speak by various groups that have had different demographics for women, ministry leaders, entrepreneurs, faith-based communities, and also teen groups and organizations.

Passionate & Bubbly Delivery

Who wants a boring speaker? No one. Genesis is a passionate woman who adds humor and joy to her speaking engagements. She believes that teaching others is an honor and she is all about making sure every attendee leaves impacted for the better!