In the name of Jesus, I speak life over my finances. According to Philippians 4:19, you will supply all of my needs. I speak life to my financial accounts, investments, and funds. All of my bills and needs are met. I speak to any and all debt and I thank you that you are providing for me to eradicate any debt that is hindering me from growing financially. I thank you that my credit is healthy and abounding and that I have favor with all banks and institutions. I thank you that I have a healthy financial relationship and reputation in the world and that money finds me.

I thank you that people are searching for me to be a blessing to my life because I am a giver. I have the heart of a giver and because I have the heart of a giver, seed flows into my hands. According to Luke 6:38, if I give, it shall be given back to me. I thank you that my hands are a vehicle of wealth for the benefit to be a blessing for God’s glory. I thank you that I lack nothing. I thank you that you are my provider and I will not depend on a person, place, or thing to be my provider. I will not chase anything for the sake of having money. I shall leave an inheritance to the generations to come according to Proverbs 13:22. I have wisdom concerning my finances and I seek out insight and knowledge through hearing the Holy Spirit.

In Jesus Name, Amen.