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Genesis Dorsey

The S Word Workbook & 52 Week Sales Planner (E-Version)

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You have a product or service. Wow! How exciting! Now it’s time to sell it and grow your business. But wait. No one is hurrying to buy what it is that you have to sell. That is a problem. If only there was a way to transform your bank account. Well, there is now! "The S Word" is your sales bootcamp in a book! Are you ready to educate yourself on sales so you can stack up more money from closing more deals? Let’s put it like this. Are you ready to learn how to get more money into your hands? Whether you’re a team of one or a company of 500 to 20,000, sales is vital. This is about the art and strategy of selling. Many of us have something to sell but we are lost on how to convert eyes to dollars. This straight to the point resource serves as the foundation of your sales game. This will change how you sell and will transform your confidence. This non-fluff book you will help you learn, strategize, execute, and win in your sales goals!
  • Pages filled with sales strategies
  • 52 Week Sales Tracker & Planner
  • Monthly Sales Tracker
  • Email Marketing Tracker
  • Worksheets for Discovering You, Your Business, Your Passion, and more!
  • Sales Vocabulary Sheet
  • 300 Pages Total