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Genesis Dorsey

Run Entrepreneur 7 Day Bible Study (E-Download)

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When I became an entrepreneur there weren’t any books and devotionals that laid out the the basic principals of faith and spiritual authority for my business. This is why I created RUN. It’s short, to the point, and is worth every penny. It lays out the foundations of what every Kingdom Entrepreneur needs to know. This study has been adapted to fit a 7-day layout.

  • Immediate Download
  • Includes pages for answers to questions, notes, and thoughts

Day 1: The Purpose of God & Entrepreneurship

Day 2: The Enemy’s #1 Weapon: Part 1

Day 3: The Enemy’s #1 Weapon: Part 2

Day 4: Made to Dominate: Part 1: The Identity

Day 5: Study Day: Identity Study

Day 6: Made to Dominate: Part 2: The Imagination & The Mind

Day 7: Made to Dominate: Part 3: The Mouth & The Holy Spirit