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Embrace the Fragments Bible Study Download

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The Lord told me in a clear way - I'm giving you a vision that is so big that the only way you can build this is in PIECES. You think the vision is broken because God keeps on giving you fragments. What you're missing is that the vision is so big that He has to break apart the vision so that you don't choke. That's why you can't rush this thing because there's no way for it to be done rushed. STOP FIGHTING THE FRAGMENTS!

This study is a direct download that God gave me for leaders who desire to learn how to embrace the PIECES that God gives us to build the vision.

Embrace the Fragments is a powerful bible study resource based on the two accounts of Jesus feeding large groups of people. This bible study is broken into four weeks of lessons, questions, and application.

This study includes:

  • A teaching breakdown that outlines four keys to "Embracing the Fragments"
  • Four Weeks of application with questions and areas for writing
  • Journal Prompts