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Genesis Dorsey

Boss Builder Workbook (E-Version)

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There are some rules that can not be changed nor reversed. When I was building my business, I didn’t have much help because many people either didn’t want to share information or didn’t know how to help me. The void that I saw was that people needed to learn how to build their communities around their products and services. They were struggling and needed easy and applicable steps to grow. That’s where I came in. Since 2016, I’ve transformed my business into a coaching platform where I train and lead business owners and those in ministry to build strong and highly converting communities. Are you ready to transform your business through purposeful engagement and connecting them to your “what” and “why”? This is the workbook for you.

It includes nothing but strategy and insight. There's no fluff. Questions are answered straight to the point and this is a resource you can use over and over again.

This is only for those who are serious about building their communities which is YOU!

  • Over 150 pages with worksheets, guides, and more
  • Applicable content for any entrepreneur & ministry leader
  • 30 Days worth of packed advice with your questions answered