About the Podcast

Hey there Future Guest!

I am very excited to provide you more information about my upcoming podcast called - "The Book of Genesis". This is a podcast where my community will get behind the scenes conversations with leaders in all areas of life.

What do you talk about?

I would love to invite you to my podcast table as we chat about three things: Your heart for people, your unique gifts, and your story. 

I want this podcast to really focus on the stories that have made people who they are and the life lessons that can be gained. Each podcast will also include a complimentary one page worksheet where listeners and viewers can implement your insight in their everyday life.

How are the interviews setup?

Please note that our interviews do not have the same set of questions with every guest. We look at your life, do some research, and then compile 7 questions for the basis of each interview. You will receive these questions 24 hours prior to your recording date. We do our podcast interviews in audio and video format so that viewers can connect with your voice or your face.

Our interviews are recorded for about 40 to 45 Minutes and it will be edited and cut down to a 30 minute podcast. Please note that you will receive the audio preview of the full interview before we publish it for the public.

When will the podcast launch?

Please note that we are currently in the pre-launch of this podcast. All interviews will launch beginning January 2022. Our goal is to complete the first quarter of conversations with a total of 6-8 podcast episodes per quarter.

The podcast's main platform will be on the Print School YouTube Channel that currently is growing every month. We experienced hyper growth in the past two years. Our community is mainly women who are current or soon to become entrepreneurs or ministry leaders. We will share the video version on the YouTube Channel and place the podcast on Apple and Google Podcast for the audio version.

Print School's Audience

  • View Channel
  • 12,798 YouTube subscribers
  • 97% Women and 3% Men
  • Audience ranges from 25-64 years old
  • Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Saudi Arabia, India, and Mexico
  • 1,601 Email Subscribers
  • (Not active but will be soon) 585 Instagram Subscribers

Who is your extended audience?

Our audience is also comprised of the following beyond our YouTube platform that is based on my personal brand:

  • Faith-based entrepreneurs and leaders in business and/or ministry
  • 72% Women and 28% Men (Genesis Dorsey)
  • 3,500 Email Subscribers for GenesisDorsey.com
  • 24,793 Followers on Instagram (strongest SM base)
  • 11,000 Followers on Facebook Page (Genesis Dorsey)
  • 3,500 Followers on Clubhouse App (Genesis Dorsey)
  • Our audience ranges from 25 to 64 years old
  • Countries: United States, Nigeria, South Africa, and the UK

I'm interested and I would love to be interviewed, how do I sign up?

If our team or myself personally has reached out to you, then you have received access to this page. You can click the link below to schedule your interview. When click the form, it will also ask you to upload your headshot, social media links, and any promotional links that you have for our audience. If you have trouble uploading, please send files directly to: podcast@genesisdorsey.com

Click here to schedule your interview