Love Your Calling Challenge

Why should Female Entrepreneurs sign up?

This is the perfect challenge for entrepreneurs who are currently in business or have been treating their business like a hobby or side passion. Learn how to turn it into a true operation and commit to what you’ve claimed God told you to do. This is less about joining something and more about you putting in intentional work to turn this business into something that will produce what God promised.

Why should Women in Ministry sign up?

If you’re a woman in ministry who has a platform on social media or in-person but have fallen behind in showing up, this is the challenge for you. You’re going to spend four weeks with Genesis getting back to creating a plan of action to show up and do it well. Your community needs your insight, words of encouragement, and pouring. Whether you lead 5, 50, 500 or 50,000 — it’s time to be consistent. If God called you — you need to serve His people. The four week layout is perfect because it’s long enough for you to gain momentum but also short enough for you to go full throttle in the next year.