Love Your Calling Challenge

Calling all women in business and/or ministry who desire to get back to their calling in four weeks!

Let's have an honest conversation.

It doesn't matter how successful you may be in other areas of your life, we all know what it's like to be called by God to do something. However, what happens when we put it on pause or treat it like a side hobby or an option? How do we get our focus back and momentum started again to continue that work? Many people talk about being called but what happens when you stop responding to the call in the way you know you should? It's time to get focused again.

We are going to spend four weeks where you're going to clear the clutter, create a plan, create your schedule, and come out of your shell!

Love Your Calling Challenge

Why should Female Entrepreneurs sign up?

This is the perfect challenge for entrepreneurs who are currently in business or have been treating their business like a hobby or side passion. Learn how to turn it into a true operation and commit to what you’ve claimed God told you to do. This is less about joining something and more about you putting in intentional work to turn this business into something that will produce what God promised.

Why should Women in Ministry sign up?

If you’re a woman in ministry who has a platform on social media or in-person but have fallen behind in showing up, this is the challenge for you. You’re going to spend four weeks with Genesis getting back to creating a plan of action to show up and do it well. Your community needs your insight, words of encouragement, and pouring. Whether you lead 5, 50, 500 or 50,000 — it’s time to be consistent. If God called you — you need to serve His people. The four week layout is perfect because it’s long enough for you to gain momentum but also short enough for you to go full throttle in the next year.

When is it? How does it work?

We meet every Monday in December (Starting on December 6th) at 6:30 PM EST for a 45-Minute Teaching. All trainings will be done on Zoom. We will open up the classroom 10 Minutes early and begin on time. Each training is 30 Minutes with Recap and Questions for 15 Minutes.

Class Dates: December 6th, 13th, and 20th, 27th

You will get access to a GroupMe group chat where you can communicate with other students during the challenge. All classes will be recorded and stored in a Google Drive Folder for replay access. Every week includes a PDF download of questions and assignments to follow.

Please note that this challenge is not for those who are looking for a quick path to success or base their commitment on their feelings. You must learn how to commit past what you "feel".


    During this week we will discuss how to put clarity back in your calling. We need to get your back office in order for your business and/or ministry. We will look at what went right and what went wrong and what needs to be corrected. You will learn from Genesis the key components to operating your business or ministry from a CLEAR place. It’s not about being perfect but it is about having clarity of your calling.


    During this week, we will establish what your relaunch looks like. Even if your business or ministry already exists, you need to regain momentum. You can’t do everything in one month. However, you can create a simple focus for your calling so that you can produce according to God’s voice. We will focus on creating a simple method of action to produce in your calling. This teaching applies to any business or ministry.


    If you are going to be great, you can’t work when you feel like it. You have to create your work schedule for your business/ministry. During this week, you will learn how to create a working schedule so that the plan you’ve created actually works. We will also discuss how to value your own time and protect it. If you can’t keep your schedule, everything covered in this challenge will not work for you. You have to be committed.


    If 2022 is going to be what it needs to be, you need to get focused on building relationships. We will focus this week on reaching out to establish partnerships, collaborations, and more. You will actually reach out this week in real time to put this into action. You will receive templates to send out for those in both business and ministry.

  • VIP Pass: $40

    Includes access to trainings & replays, PDF downloads (assignments), and Group Me.

  • Backstage Pass: $140

    Includes VIP Pass and TWO - 30 minute coaching sessions with Genesis (Must be used during December 2022)

  • Launch Pass: $440

    Includes Backstage Pass PLUS Work with Genesis for a VIP Day During December (4 Hours) - Includes Website Strategy & Content Audit, Email Marketing Content Creation for Four Weeks, Video Content Creation Plan, and Profit (Money) Plan.


Ready to join the challenge? Click the button to secure your seat. We begin December 6th!