Description Queen Living

The community that is shaped in lovebuilt in faith, and saturated in bold living

We are Queen Living.


Queen Living is a physical & online streamed monthly bible study community where women from all backgrounds, walks of life, experiences, and more gather to dive into life through the eyes of Christ. We are open for women of all ages, races, and creeds. If you’ve been looking for a community of faith-driven women, join Queen Living and join us for one of our monthly gatherings. 

I started Queen Living because God had placed a strong desire in my heart going into 2018 about women understanding their identity found in Christ. It is a regal one. Many women have a romantic attachment to royal living but how many of us are truly living it?

Through Queen Living, I believe that every woman who connects and plugs into these teachings will be transformed.

— Genesis Dorsey

By joining, you’ll receive updates on new teachings and so much more from Genesis Dorsey. Welcome to Queen Living. We’re so glad that you’re joining our community.

Our physical bible studies & gatherings are based in the Delaware/Philadelphia area. They are also streamed online via FB to all of our Queens who live around the world.