In the name of Jesus, I speak life and healing to every part of my body. I thank you that all parts, organs, bones, and limbs are functioning at full capacity. I will treat my body well and eat the right food and take care of my body with exercise. I will not neglect this temple of the Holy Spirit and abuse it. I honor my body and treat it with care and respect. I speak against laziness and procrastination.

I speak against gluttonous eating and unhealthy habits. I thank you God that by the stripes that were beaten upon the back of Jesus, I am healed, according to Isaiah 53:5. I thank you that you heal all diseases according to Psalm 103:2-3. I speak wholeness in all areas of my body. Nothing is missing and nothing is broken. I thank you God for good reports from the doctors. I thank you for speedy recoveries and miraculous turn around.

In Jesus Name, Amen.