June 2024



Saturday, June 1st (12PM – 1PM): https://agolfcollab.com/events/swing-basics/ 

Saturday, June 15th (10 AM – 11 AM): https://agolfcollab.com/events/swing-basics/ 

What are hangouts?

Ever wanted to hang out with other women who love Jesus without it feeling like another event? It’s not a bible study. It’s not a women’s ministry event. There is no dress code. We pick fun places to eat, have fun, and travel to. We do it all. Everything from charcuterie & cooking classes to game night at a local restaurant. We’re doing it!

Invite a friend or come by yourself and make new connections. There’s no pressure to make any new best friends. Sometimes you just need some women to hang out with and then go home afterwards and that’s it. There isn’t a FB group, group chat, or any weekly requirements. We just ask that you come ready to have some fun.

Our core hub is based in Delaware and we’ve expanded to include our ladies in the Philadelphia/South Jersey, and DC/North Maryland area. Everything is within a one-hour radius (right now) from Delaware for weekday/night events and once a quarter, we do 1.5-2 hour radius trips like the beach, major sports experiences, and more. You can choose to drive to meet us or come to our carpool locations and grab a ride with someone else for the rest of the trip.