You’ve been called to operate in all three arenas of speaking, writing, and teaching. This intensive is meant to sharpen your ability to flow in these areas with boldness and authority.

COACHING & training




Speak Woman Speak Cohorts are all about tapping into your gifts to speak, teach, and write. This is not limited to the four walls of the church but beyond them. Over the course of six weeks, you will be exposed to powerful faith-based teaching to elevate your confidence and your ability of these gifts. During this time you will also execute and take action to face your fears, doubts, and cancel out the lies that have surrounded your voice.

Each week’s teachings are specifically targeted to address who God has called you to be. You will join the live teaching room via Zoom on Mondays. On Saturdays, we gather in the morning to discuss all that you have learned that week including hearing from others so that you can be sharpened among your peers.

To provide accountability and support, you will be placed within an accountability group via WhatsApp with other women who are apart of the cohort. Supernatural results will be birthed from this coaching experience. If you are looking to join a group for natural or world-like success as your motivation, this is not the Cohort for you. This is for women who desire to unleash and sharpen the supernatural gifts that God has given them.

During Orientation, you will create a path of intention and you will be provided easy to complete questions every two weeks to keep you focused on your tasks. These questions will only take you 10-15 minutes to complete. The purpose of this experience is for you to be provided with an environment and powerful trainings to push you into a high level of impact for the glory of God.


Week 1: Your Voice as a Calling

Week 2: The Anointed Speaker

Week 3: The Gift of Writing to Speak

Week 4: How to Package Your Voice

Week 5: Using Your Voice to Influence Others

Week 6: SPEAK WOMAN SPEAK (Vision Week)

Registration Ends: January 27th, 2023

Cohort (Virtual): February 6th, 2023 – March 18th, 2023

Classes are held via Zoom on Monday at 7:30 PM EST and Group Discussion Day (Zoom) is on Saturday at 10 AM EST. Each session is an hour.


Week One

  • Monday: February 6th
  • Saturday: February 11th

Week Two

  • Monday: February 13th
  • Saturday: February 18th

Week Three

  • Monday: February 20th
  • Saturday: February 24th

Week Four

  • Monday: February 27th
  • Saturday: March 4th

Week Five

  • Monday: March 6th
  • Saturday: March 11th


  • Monday: March 13th
  • Saturday: March 18th


The cohort consists of 20-25 students. On Mondays, everyone gathers to be taught by Genesis in one group. On Saturdays, we break into groups of 2 or 3. This will allow you to meet other cohort students in a more intimate way. You will grow together as a group during this time. During Speaker’s Week (Week 6), you will work with your group to prepare a special presentation for CELEBRATION WEEK!

Please see the schedule tab for more information.

Question: Can I sow throughout the program?

Yes! When you click to enroll, it will allow you to sow a seed if you desire. You can also sow a seed to Genesis throughout the program via CashApp or the PayPal form that will be within the group materials.

Question: What if I can’t make the live classes? Can I get access to the recordings?

If you aren’t able to make the classes, register for The Replay Group. This will allow you to have access to the classes and materials.

Question: Will this coaching experience teach me how to launch a speaking business or teach me how to write a book?

This coaching experience is not focused on monetizing your gifts. While we believe that God has called our women to do this, this is not our focus in this program. This program focuses on building your confidence and passion to speak, write, and teach whether you monetize your voice or not! If God has called you to monetize your voice in the form of books, speaking, consulting, etc., this program will INCREASE your ability to operate and to complete projects in that area.


Dive Deeper into your gifts

Week to Week instruction



Don’t take our word. Hear from some of our previous students who have gone through our Speak Woman Speak cohorts and experiences.


Why I Chose to Invest: I chose to invest in this program as I wanted to learn how to boldly use my voice in alignment with the word of God.

The Result: I had an awesome experience in this program! I 100% recommend anyone to sign up if they are looking to learn how to authentically amplify the voice, stating the truth and learn how to use their creative and God-given abilities.


Speak Woman Speak Cohort Student

Why I Chose to Invest: I chose to invest in Speak Woman Speak because I had/have a desire to be the best speaker and teacher that I can possibly be going forward in my purpose.

The Result: The entire experience was a blessing and it was amazing! I made 2 new spiritual friends and we have been able to really chat about things and help each other on our journeys.

As always, Genesis was amazing with her teachings and brought a passion that only comes from her. I learned so many things that have been helping me on my journey and I’m grateful for all that she poured into us. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!


Speak Woman Speak Cohort Student

Why I Chose to Invest: I chose to invest in SWS because I believe God was leading me here after looking at how to start and improve speaking and using my gifts for God’s Kingdom in church and the marketplace as time went by.

The result: Built confidence! Glad I still have my teachings to look back on and apply. Great skill building and a ton of wisdom poured out. Even if all isn’t used right now, it will be.


Speak Woman Speak Cohort Student


Unlike any other program that I have ran, this program will be a labor of ministry. 2023 is a very special year because there is a supernatural wave of deliverance that will be unleashed through women’s gifts of speaking, writing, and teaching. Things that have been held up within your supernatural gifts will be released. You will spend time going back to things that you left undone. You will be tapping into the Holy Spirit’s power to push out teachings, messages, and more. This is not a program that is strictly for those with public platforms. For some of you, you are looking to be a blessing to your home church or to a group you are apart of. God has called some of you to private arenas that the mainstream world will not know of. Wherever you have been placed, this will be a private breeding ground for the gifts God has given you.


The main investment will be your time and your focus. This is the greatest investment anyone can ever give to their divine assignments. Enrollment will be offered in two ways – The Live Group and The Replay Group. The Live Group will be for those who will be personally working with Genesis in our weekly virtual group. The Replay Group will be for those who can not attend The Live Group but desire to receive the replays and the assignments.


You can sow a seed (as you are led) at the time of registration or during the time of the cohort. However, there is no cost to join this program. Please make sure that you have internet access and the Zoom App (The Live Group students).