5 Organic Lead Gen Strategies for Experts

5 Organic Lead Gen Strategies for Experts

When the climate of your market is shaken up, sometimes you have to pivot and shake things up. I want to share with you some simple strategies that you can experiment with.


Feeler Questions are questions that allow you to "feel" what your potential leads desire. Here are some examples:

  • How many of you want to learn how to (insert skill)?

  • How many of you. are struggling with (problem)?

  • Would you love to learn how to (insert skill)?

  • Do you love (insert item)?

Then add an action for them:

  • Drop a comment

  • Reply back to this email if I'm speaking to you

  • Drop an emoji

From that action, reach out to them by giving them a responding action. For instance, reply to their comment with a link to:

  • Your email list

  • The product that matches their needs

Here are some examples with businesses:

  • How many of you would love to learn how to score high on your LSAT? - for a lawyer who is a LSAT coach

  • If you love affordable pearl earrings and jewelry, comment below! - for an affordable jewelry business

  • If you love carrot cake or dump cake, drop a comment below! - for a bakery that ships cake jars

  • Would you love to watch easy to follow hair care videos that are 5 minutes or less? Comment below if you're looking for easy to follow hair care videos!


The feeler questions help you to determine needs. You can also use engagement questions on social and via email to send surveys to get feedback. Make yourself available and engage with your community and directly ask them what they need from you. One of the things I've learned is that you need to study the climate of your customer to assess their needs at the moment. Things change so you may need to pivot accordingly. I've had plans to sell a service or product and after seeing the climate of my customer during a season or current events, I've had to to pivot and offer something different.


If you need to gather leads for a product or a service, email your community and stay consistent with communicating your current offerings. I've sent emails where I've talked about a service or product and gave them a call to action to email me back if they were interested. Also, my consistency in staying in the front of their minds has helped me to better convert with sales. If you aren't consistent in communication, you won't be able to convert as high as you desire from leads to sales.


One of the best things I've done to convert higher priced products or experiences was making myself available on social or my email inbox. I turned my inbox into a customer service place where potential leads could inbox me if they wanted to figure out which offerings best fit them. I don't recommend this for E-Commerce businesses but I do recommend this for service based businesses or selling digital products. You can become their matchmaker. They can inbox you regarding their struggle points and you can match them with your products that fit their needs.


Make it easy for people to give you their money. If you're selling online courses, books, or workbooks, setup your products on an online store that provides digital downloads. If you provide a service, make it easy to have them sign up for that service. I find it best to use automated systems. I use Shopify to sell my online courses, books, and trainings. You can also use an online course platform for classes and courses. For my service based business, I use a CRM platform that automates emails, makes it easy to send invoices, and more. Have an easy to follow system that your customers and clients can follow. The easier your system is, the easier your money is.

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