How to Develop a Winning Plan for Live Streaming + FREE Live Stream Template

How to Develop a Winning Plan for Live Streaming + FREE Live Stream Template

It’s time to grip fear and go live. Your voice creates a sound for your tribe that they need to hear. How will that happen if you don’t develop a consistency in your lives. But wait! What about a format to follow? What do you say first? What do you say second? How do you close the live? When do you pitch your products/services? What if I say too much?

So let’s first take a deep breath. You’re going to survive this. Luckily I’ve provided for you a great downloadable that you can use when you do your lives. I call it my Live Stream Script. You can use it to keep your bullet points, products/services to highlight, and more right in front of you. Even as someone who has done livestreams for more than 5 years, I still find myself using this (especially to keep within a time limit). It can be really easy to talk past your time limit (when you really love what you’re talking about). You'll find my free livestream template at the bottom of this article. Now let's get into these tips and strategies. 

Step One: Create a Winning Start 

  1. Make sure to name your live something people can understand
  2. Tell your audience in advance of your live with the time and topic
  3. You can also pick a set day that you go live consistently so that it makes it easy for people to remember when you start streaming
  4. FB & YouTube: Make sure the description includes a link to the product/service/call to action you will pitch during the live
  5. IG: Post your topic & link then pin the comment before you go full into the topic 

Step Two: Develop a Winning Intro

  1. Welcome everyone onto your livestream
  2. Give them a call to action to show how excited they are to be joining on. Pick one of these things:
    • Drop their location
    • Tell them to say “hello”
    • Tell them to drop an emoji of your choice (I’m known as the fiery one so I could say the fire emoji)
  3. Tell them who you are and what you do (one sentence)
  4. Tell them what today’s topic is about 

Step Three: Give a Winning Live

  1. ALWAYS set a time limit (strategic insight)
    • 15 Minute // 30 Minute // 60 Minute (Anything at 60 Minutes or Above is a Free Class/Masterclass/Virtual Event)
  2. Break down your live into applicable steps for people to follow (First, Second, Third)
  3. Give examples or personal stories to strengthen the live
  4. Let your personality shine during the notes

Step Four: Close and Give the Winning Pitch

  1. Close by reminding the audience of what you’ve taught them
    • Example: “Now let’s go over what we learned today. Number One, Number Two, ect.)
  2. Connect the live to a product/service to pitch them
    • Share about how today’s live connects to what you want them to do
  3. End the live and thank them for joining you and make sure they are apart of your email or text community and give them a call to action on how to join

Additional Tips

  1. When promoting both an email list and a product offer, you don’t want to share 5 links at the same time. Instead, I have a Link.tree account. I then take my link.tree custom url and I go to and turn that link into an easy to remember link such as: and that way all I have to do is promote one link every time. I like link.tree because it’s a way to direct people to one place to access several links. 
  2. When introducing yourself, come up with a fun slogan that makes it easy for people to remember you with. For instance, I’m the platform coach where I teach people how to package their passion.
  3. Be consistent. Don’t show up hard one day and then disappear and go ghost for two weeks. If you can’t do live streams, instead pre-record them and post them to your social media platforms.
  4. Record in a well-lit area and not the dark
  5. Turn your live streams into a way that your community can come together consistently and join in the experience. I call my community Boss Builders. Boss Builders are those who are followers and members of my tribe. What is your tribe called? Members become apart of my tribe by not just following me but also joining my email community. I tell them that when they join by email they get access to weekly strategies, articles delivered into their inbox, and more. 
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