How to Begin Your Speaking Career

How to Begin Your Speaking Career

You know that you've been given the gift of empowerment and translating knowledge into speaking. You are ready to become a speaker. How do you begin a career as a speaker? Let's answer that today.

So we're going to start with a very short answer to a question.

Question: How do you begin a career as a speaker?

Answer: You don't.

Let's run this back to my personal story as how I became a speaker. I didn't start a speaking career. I just simply began speaking and helping others through my voice. The most successful speakers speak from experience and life. I want to give you 4 winning tips to expand your influence as a speaker if you want to travel the nation and world speaking to others.Become successful in an area of your life that you can speak on.

Tip #1: Become successful in an area of your life that you can speak on

Great speakers are made from great stories. They speak from experience. You need an area of experience you can offer your expertise in. Get what I did there? Speakers have the ability to take the listener from a starting place to an end place. You are guiding the listener on a journey. As a speaker, you also want to have diverse topics you can speak on within your area of expertise. Start speaking and put out content showing your expertise. Make sure the content is good and that you record in a well-lit area.

  • Start a YouTube Channel where you begin to share your insight on topics

  • Post video content on IG TV, Linkedin, FB Page sharing your insight

  • Update your Linkedin page to include your passion for speaking and be sure to share insightful encouragement on Linkein in regards to your expertise

Tip #2: Prepare yourself to be booked

A speaker has a voice. People should be able to hear your voice and connect it to a face and a name. This means that your website should contain a speaker page with the following things:

  • Once you begin to establish speaker engagements: Add photos from speaking engagements, testimonials, and logos from organizations and events you’ve spoken at

  • Speaker Reel - this is a video showing clips from speaking engagements and sharing testimonials from others who have heard you speak

Tip #3: Upsell Your Speaking with Products

Never go to a speaking engagement without a way to leverage it somehow. Speaking for free isn't a career. That's a hobby where you don't want to be paid for your skillset and that's not what we want to do. I am the crusader for packaging your passion. When you go to speaking events, have product that they can either invest in physically or digitally. Here are some speaking tips on monetizing your stage.

  • Use a text keyword system where you can provide a keyword for people to enter in order to receive a special deal in their seats. Example: "I'm so excited about being here and my team has prepared a special bundle deal just for you. Simply text "speaktoday" to 12345 to get the exclusive link."

  • When you obtain a speaking engagement, ask if a table will be provided where you can sell your products/services. Make sure your table has a way where people can sign up for your email list to stay in touch with you. You can also use the text keyword idea to promote quick sign-ups. Make sure you have a nice vendor table along with a way to collect payment (PayPal or Square reader). If you have a Shopify store for your e-commerce, use the Shopify reader. If you offer services, membership, or other services be sure to have some postcards and reading material people can take with them so they can learn more about what you offer.

  • 24 hours after the event, enter the emails from the event into your email marketing or lead system and do follow-up. Don't allow people to forget your presence. This is apart of great branding. Send an email thanking them for being apart of your speaking experience and then be sure to offer a next step for them to take action - purchasing a book, course, ect.

Tip #4: Make great relationships & become a better speaker

If you want to keep yourself in the zone of speaking, nurture great relationships. If you want friends, make yourself friendly. Introduce yourself and support other people's events.

  • Join a professional networking group on Meetup and meet new people

  • Connect with organizations and see how you can speak to their employees, students, volunteers, ect.

  • Reach out to event hosts and learn how you can become a speaker. If they say that they don't accept speaker requests, move to the next event host. Don't get offended. Every event has their own process of how they select their speakers. Remember that relationship is everything.

  • Join a local Toastmasters club in your area to strengthen your speaking skills

  • Make genuine connections with people and find ways to collaborate and partner in order to expand your influence

I hope that these four starting tips will help you walk in a successful career as a speaker. More tips and strategies are coming soon. Did you find some insight from this article that you can use to grow your speaking career? Have some tips and more ideas to share? Share them below in the comment section and let's discuss!

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