My Story

Once upon a time, my heart was set on healing little ones as a pediatrician. Throughout my school years, I was a girl with a vision, believing firmly in the beautiful journey God had in store for me. My adventure took an exciting turn when I embraced the study of Psychology Pre-Med at Spelman College, dreaming of a future in Osteopathic medicine, where I could cradle the delicate balance of body, mind, and spirit in my caring hands.

But in 2012, a storm of change swept through my life, a divine redirection that led me back home from the halls of Spelman to step into new shoes as a businesswoman within our family business. At first, this shift felt overwhelming, a mountain too steep for my young shoulders. Yet, in this unexpected turn, I found God’s gentle hand guiding me towards my true calling – entrepreneurship. It was through this transformative period that I discovered the deeper essence of being an entrepreneur: the joy of creation, the resilience in leadership, and the heartfelt connection to the community I served.

Since embracing this path, I’ve had the privilege of nurturing countless ventures, blooming as a consultant for mega churche, non-profit organizations, and small business programs. My journey has been a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and the beauty of reinvention. Along the way, I’ve encountered moments of doubt, times when the path ahead seemed shrouded in darkness. Yet, I’ve learned that even in the most challenging times, our voices hold the power to illuminate the way, not just for ourselves but for others too.

This understanding fuels my passion to support you. Over the years, I’ve walked alongside leaders from various walks of life, helping them uncover the unique value they bring to this world. Whether it’s in the boardroom, the ministry, the marketplace, or the quiet moments of everyday life, I’ve been that whisper of encouragement, urging them to persevere.

Now my life has had some major changes. I’m now engaged and my passion is focused on helping women in more intimate ways. I’ve spent over 10 years leading coaching programs, cohorts, events, and more. I now work with women doing one-on-one coaching virtually and in-person. I focus on helping women launch their business and ministry visions with done-for-you services that I wish I could have had when I first started. I also love hosting women to experience joy in the little moments. “Hangouts” is a new experience that gathers women for bi-monthly outings throughout the Delaware & Philadelphia area. I hope that we can connect in some form or capacity . We are better together 🙂