Genesis Dorsey is a business and ministry consultant that focuses on helping leaders develop a clear framework for their organization. She helps them discover the answer to questions such as:

What is our destination for those that we serve?

How will we help them get to that destination?

What tools or experiences do they need to assist in that direction?

She has spent over 10 years teaching, speaking, and coaching leaders in this space. Genesis spent her most recent years serving as a ministry consultant in the faith-based space working with large churches, ministries, and startup churches helping them build out their in-person and digital infrastructures in NYC, Miami, Atlanta, DC, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

Genesis is not a stranger to using your God-given genius to impact the world.

In 2012, she launched an online women’s ministry platform Girls of Royalty that grew to impact over 10,000 women including state chapters, monthly meet-ups, and more. In 2014, Genesis stepped out to become a graphic and web designer and grew that business to a boutique product consulting company. Genesis has served leaders around the world, focusing on product development, design, and consulting. In 2014, she also launched her personal brand, which now reaches over 24,000 leaders in both ministry and business via training, live events, and coaching programs. 

Today, she serves the family business, The DaySchool for Children, a private school (Pre-K3 thru 6th grade including a Toddler School) located in New Castle, DE. Her role as the Director of Admissions & Parent Relations allows her to impact and influence families on a continuous basis. Genesis also serves as a Business Advisor for The Women’s Business Center, an extension of the SBA, through True Access Capital. The WBC of Delaware serves women in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area. Through this work, Genesis is able to give back her expertise and passion to women starting their own businesses.

Genesis is the author & creator of several books, courses, programs, and more that cater to helping people become the best they were made to be in both business and life.

About the Platform

At we focus on doing two things – transforming your mindset and showing you how to lead bigger. We are a community that stretches you to think and live big no matter what you do in life. You were not created to follow the crowd that believes in settling for what life gives them. You have the power to shape your life step by step through biblical principles and real-world application. We want to welcome you to the community where we are passionate about seeing you grow day by day in every way.

My Story & Journey

Hey there! I am a faith-based mindset & leadership consultant. I focus on helping Christian leaders in life, business, and ministry see their skills as assets and solutions in a global world. I hold you accountable to the dreams inside of your heart so that they can become continuous realities. I also speak into the lives of leaders in corporate, ministry, and entrepreneurship to eliminate the constant voice of fear and value their voice.

I’ve spent the past six years working with thousands of leaders all over the world. While many focus on the numbers, impact is the greatest thing we can give. Our impact creates a ripple effect. When you transform one person’s life, you end up impacting everyone they are connected with. That’s how much of an influence you are in this world. I have the awesome opportunity to serve you. I want to share with you my story.

I wanted to be a pediatrician…

My journey didn’t begin on stages, coaching leaders every week, and building a company that I thrive in. It started years ago. Over the course of my K-12 years of school, I became a very focused child. I knew that great things were ahead of me. I was soon on my way to Spelman College with a focus in Psychology Pre-Med. I wanted to focus in Osteopathic medicine. I thought that I had all my cards in place. Then in 2012, my life changed. Our family faced a storm that would change my life forever and would place me on the path that God had for me.

In 2012, I had to come home from Spelman and step into the role of a businesswoman within the family business. At first, I did not think that I could handle the pressures of involving myself in this work at such a level. However, God was placing me in an environment where I would meet my destiny – entrepreneurship. It was through that point in my life where I learned what it really meant to be an entrepreneur, including the intangible significance of running a business.

Since 2012, I’ve built and led several successful ventures as a consultant and creative director. My life has been one for the books but now I’m able to use my experiences to help people around the world build meaningful and profitable ventures. I know what it’s like to pivot in life. I know what it’s like to face darkness and not think that you have the power to overcome the storm. I know what it’s like to think that your voice isn’t valuable to a conversation when in fact it’s needed.

Because I know, I can help you. I’ve spent the past several years working with leaders from all different backgrounds to help them see the value that they bring to the world. Whether it’s in corporate, ministry, business, or life in general — I’ve been the voice in people’s heads urging them to push on.

I am not a motivational speaker. I am not a guru. I am your accountability partner and coach that pushes you to see the greatness and the impact you can bring to the world. I go past the “feel good” messages that hype you up one moment but leave right back where you were. I go deep into your mindset, your value system, your conversations, and teach you how to build the path to greatness the right way.

Contrary to popular belief, you can have it all. We just have to believe it with our hearts and remove the limiting thoughts that we’ve carried with us through the years and from our experiences. Click here to join the Speak Woman Speak Community today.