As a lover of apps and software (online or desktop), I’m always bookmarking my favorites and downloading new software. Along the way, there are some new platforms that have really made me turn my head. From apps for startups to helping you forecast the numbers for your business, these are my heavy hitters for this month of September 2016.

#1 Startegy

Startegy is a platform that I came across via an email that was sent to me. Startegy is an online program that helps you forecast for your business. The software has the ability to read through your financial accounts and data and help you develop strategies to increase revenue and projections. I’ve included a video that explains more about what this program will do.


#2 Napkin


The best things in life aren’t complicated. Crunch Tap knew that and launched an app called Napkin that helps you organize and develop your business ideas. It also backs up to a cloud storage system in the case that something happens to your phone. Ever had a great idea at a restaurant and began writing on a napkin? Well this time, type it into Napkin. See what I did there? Haha.


#3 Later

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I featured this app in my 15 Apps Article. However, Later has really upgraded their systems and features and I believe that for those who are looking to upgrade how they handle their social media, this is the app for you. What I love about Later is the idea that it features a Media Library (to hold future content) including videos and graphics PLUS it has the ability to add in content from the Chrome Browser now. For one of my accounts, I love browsing Tumblr for imagery and then adding it into Later via the Chrome extension. You can also grab content from other accounts right inside of the app and schedule it to post. It also has grid preview which is what Planoly was selling as its core feature. Well Later does this and even more. This is my favorite app of this month.

#4 RecoLive


I had given this resource to a few other pastors and those who desire to do a live streaming tv show or talk show. With the rise of DIY and consumers becoming more tech savvy, companies are launching new apps and cloud software to aid everyday people to connect to their brands and audiences. With RecoLive, all you need is an iPhone or iPad and you’ll be able to shoot your own show. Here’s what RecoLive boasts:

From RecoLive: Give your talents as a director free reign. Use your iPad or iPhone as a production switcher and additional iPhones or iPods as video cameras to be able to shoot as if you were in an actual television studio. View all cameras simultaneously, combine images together from several cameras, create transitions from one camera to another, and do it all live! Save your work in Full HD and share it with your friends.


So which one of these apps or platforms stood out to you the most? Will you use any of them?