you deserve abundance and overflow….




Many women struggle with the fact that there is gap between what they want and where they are. That gap first is birthed through fear and not thinking that they can achieve what they desire. You need to understand that in order to be successful in life, you must first remove the fears you’ve received from past failures, challenges, and so much more. Secure Bootcamp is designed to help you identify wrong behaviors, remove those behaviors & replace them with positive ones, and create the life you dream of.  


We can say that we desire to make six figures, buy the dream car, and live the dream life but these things are simply wishes if we are too scared to step out and do the things that will bring in those “dreams”. It’s time to do some real deep discussion and step into the Secure Bootcamp to transform your thinking so you can transform your money. If you’re ready to step out and transform your ability to receive what you deserve, this is the 4-Week Bootcamp for you. It’s time to obtain what you deserve.



join us march 5-26 – four weeks!



Join Genesis for four weeks for an intimate online group coaching bootcamp called “SECURE”. Based off of the FREE Masterclass, this bootcamp will take you through the four steps of unlocking your mindset and getting your money. Every participant will start with a personal goal that they desire to achieve at the end of March.  Through this group coaching, you will join other women to achieve your inner and external goals through a change of mindset and an elevation of self-esteem in your life. This SECURE Bootcamp includes the following:

  • Weekly Bootcamp Online Gathering (Monday Evening @ 7-8 PM EST)
  • Daily Affirmation sent via text
  • Weekly Worksheet to enforce bootcamp lessons


If you’re ready to transform your life and get ready to take that monumental step to the life you’ve always dreamed, invest in you! You’ve invested in others far enough. It’s time for you life to change and your money to level up!


How much is enrollment?

Cost: $199 for 4-Week Bootcamp


How do I submit payment?

Click the button below to register for your 4 Classes that are included in the bootcamp! Limited seating available.