My name is Genesis Dorsey.

I help business owners and ministry leaders grow their communities by providing marketing & sales strategies. It’s more than having their “eyes”. Let’s be honest. You can’t grow if you aren’t changing followers into customers or donors. I work with businesses and ministries every month to help them tell their story, stand by their mission, and scale.


My website is currently under construction for something new and exciting. We officially open April 12, 2018. Scroll down to sign up for my latest Masterclass. Click the buttons below for quick links.

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If you believe your lack of self-esteem is holding you back as a business owner, ministry leader, or person as a whole, this is the masterclass for you. Too many of us know that we could make more money and have more open doors if we just could get over….ourselves. You can’t secure the bag if  you aren’t secure in who you are. It messes with your money. It messes up with your opportunities. It messes you up. God has made you to be an woman who walks in confidence and power. It’s time to get your esteem back and get your bank account up!

It’s time to get ready for your next level – in your mind first and then your money. This intimate class with Genesis Dorsey will take you into the key principles of how to secure your mind and your money.

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